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17812 S Main Street  Carson, California 90248   (424) 292-3153



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Handcrafted in Southern California

Fresh Apples


Beer Brewery Machine

Honest Abe traces its roots back to old family traditions in parts of Kentucky where Prohibition era laws ban alcohol still to this day. Our libations was born of necessity and resourcefulness and carried on for generations by a passion for quality. The recipes are steeped in tradition and the tastes refined by the warm Southern California sunshine. Made with fresh and local ingredients and Honest values…just the way you want it to be.

“All men are created equal.” – Abe Lincoln (born in Kentucky in 1809)

“All ciders are not.” – Honest Abe

(ever since)

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Experience all our offerings...

Visit our shared production facility at SoCal Vibes Co. to enjoy our wares plus much, much more...

Over 40 unique
House brewed Ciders, Meads, Craft Beers

Our libations were born of necessity & resourcefulness and carried on for generations. The recipes are steeped in tradition and the tastes refined by the warm SoCal sunshine.

Made with fresh and local ingredients and Honest values…just the way you want it to be.


All day menu,
Local delivery, Take-out

We offer a delicious selection of Starters, Tacos, Sandwiches, House Specialties, Side Dishes & Sweet Treats.  Many of our meat dishes are smoked in our own Smoker Oven, using only the finest wood smoke for a unique SoCal flavor. A large selection of our Ciders, Meads & Brandies are also available for shipping, local delivery or take-out.


Weekly events
Private parties
Special Events

From "Taco Tuesdays" to live DJ's spinning on Thursdays, there's always something going on at SoCal Vibes. Our upstairs loft & outdoor patio are also available for Private Parties. Everything from fun birthday celebrations to elegant Wedding receptions. We do it all!



Honest Abe
Tap List

As part of our commitment to make a sustainable difference, we offer our cider in a reusable

bottle with hopes that it doesn’t go into a landfill. Please reduce, reuse and recycle.


"Bombegranate" - California Pomegranates 6.9% ABV

"Sour Patch" - Shiso Plum & Lime 6.9% ABV

"Limoncello" - Lemon & Honey 6.9% ABV

"PB&J" Peanut Butter & Rotating Jams 6.9% ABV

Watermelon Habanero "Mexican Lollipop" - 6.9% ABV

Raspberry Lemonade 6.9% ABV

Easter Special: "Hoppy" Dry-hopped Grapefruit Cider 6.9% ABV


Dry Mead - 8.5% ABV

Blueberry - 8.5% ABV

Lychee - 8.5% ABV

"Cactus Kooler" - Orange & Pineapple 8.5% ABV

"Tropicali" - Fruit Punch 8.5% ABV

Cantaloupe ~ 8.5% ABV

Easter Special: Organic Maple Carrot Cake 8.5% ABV

Rotating Barrel-Aged Ciders

Very special "Freedom Fighter" 9% ABV series aged TWO YEARS in a variety of oak barrels.

A true tasting experience with new flavors and notes coming through as it warms up in your glass.

Lots of tart, oaky, vanilla and some funky. Rotating single barrel, barrel blends and "fruited" options.

Cask Strength Brandy


115 Proof ~ 100% Organic, aged two years in craft Whisky barrels. Southern California's

First-ever run of a commercial Apple Brandy, Only twenty cases ever made for the finest aficionados. 

$99/500ml + Branded Snifter

House Brandy
SoCal's first and only small batch brandy

"Apple Pie Moonshine" ~ 48 Proof

"SoCal's Original" Apple Brandy ~ 24% ABV

"Founding Father" Black Cherry Brandy ~ 24% ABV

Available by the pitcher

Red Apple ~ 10% ABV

Pineapple Rose ~ 10% ABV

Honest Abe Pricing

Tasters $3.25-4.50 | Pints $6.99-10
Cider Flight $17.99 | Mead Flight $25.99 | Growlers To Go $15.99-26.99
Brandy/Moonshine Shot $9 | Half Pour $5.99 | Bottle $29-39

*Pricing is subject to change.



Branded Belgian Glass $9.    Branded Snifter $6.    Branded Teku Glass $9



CONTACT, private party inquiries & LOCATION

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17812 South main st. carson, CA 90248  

sunday to wednesday 12pm-10pm  / thursdays 12pm - 11pm / fridays & Saturdays  12pm - 1am


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